After you submit a claim or support ticket, we investigate the issue to develop a resolution and decide if the problem is covered under our warranty. The investigation period is broken down into three stages. Depending on the complexity of the issue, some customers may only need to go through stage 1 before receiving a diagnosis and solution, while other issues may require that all three stages are worked through before a conclusion is reached.

Stage 1: Working with customer support
Within 24 hours of your submission, a customer support technician trained in Nemo Power Tools’ products and experienced in repairs will call you to get started. You must have the product’s serial number ready if it wasn’t included in your original request. The technician will perform an initial diagnostic review based on the details you provide. To streamline the process, it is helpful if you have photos or a video of the problem; however, this is not required. If possible, the technician will diagnose the problem and provide you with a solution. 

Stage 2: Elevating to our engineers
In some cases, the technician may not be able to develop a diagnosis. When this occurs, the ticket will be sent to a Nemo Power Tools engineer for further review. Your customer support technician will remain your primary contact point, and he or she will update you via email throughout the process. If possible, the engineer will provide a diagnosis and solution.

Stage 3: Testing at a repair shop
The engineer may find that a diagnosis can only be determined by inspecting the product in person. In this case, we will request that you mail the tool to the repair shop closest to you so that we can inspect the tool and reach a conclusion.

Diagnosis and Resolution
Once the investigation is complete, whether at stage 1, 2, or 3, the customer support technician will lay out a detailed diagnosis of the problem and the solution available. We will also include our determination as to whether the problem is covered under our warranty program.

Faults Covered by Warranty
If our team determines that the issue is caused by factory default or damage during shipment, we will send a replacement for the tool immediately and will pay for you to return the faulty product to the nearest certified repair shop. However, we only replace the damaged item(s), not all of the components. For example, if an issue is found with the tool itself yet the accessories and/or battery are in working order, we will send a free replacement tool without the accessories and/or battery. Likewise, if there’s an issue with the battery or an accessory, but the tool is fully functioning, we will only send a free replacement battery or accessory.

Issues Not Covered by Warranty
When our team determines that the damage was caused by improper use or normal wear and tear, and therefore not covered under the warranty, we offer customers two options:

  1. The technician will help you choose a repair kit from our catalog, which you can use to repair the product yourself. If available, your support technician will also provide a link to a video that shows how to complete the repair on your own.
  2. Please contact Nemo Technical Support for a case number and the address to which to send your Nemo Tool in for repair. We charge labor at $95 per hour, one-hour minimum, then billed in quarterly hourly increments, plus needed parts and return shipping back to you. A factory trained technician will evaluate the tool, and our technician will promptly provide you with a written estimate for the repair. All repaired tools are tested in a variety of tests to ensure that they are waterproof, and up to the working standards of a factory new tool before they are shipped back to you.

We strive to work through this process quickly and efficiently. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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